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Open Eye Meditation is easy to learn, and by far, the most powerful meditation on the planet.
Today, there is a growing resistance to 'God', which in large part has grown out of institutionalised religions, where God was used to control and dominate others. However, in Open Eye Meditation, you not only connect to the Divine within you, but you connect with the Source, the Supreme Love...God or whatever word you use and believe in, around your physical presents. When we return to our original true nature of being, the pure life energy within us, we are able to connect with the Source of pure energy. This connection is refreshing and reenergizing, as well as a possible eye opener for all existing things.

The ache of separation, experiencend by many, disappears fast. This relationship becomes one of seeing the connections rather than worship. This can be accomplished by Open Eye Meditation.

This is a progressive meditation, which means that you will experience more, the more you do it.

What it is about?

While Open Eye Meditation offers you an increase in relaxation, inner harmony and reduction in stress, in truth these are side effects of the practice. The real aim is to make a connection with everything else (outside your core self).

When you are centered, the pressure to perform is enormously reduced, because you know your own value.

This secure feeling enables you to simply relax into life (without being lazy). You learn to trust yourself more and more, while experiencing a growing sense of your power. You are walking on the path of life, seeing the things around you in more focus. It puts you in a creative charge of your own life, your own world. It connects with everything else.

What am I here for?

The other piece of magic that starts to happen is that you naturally begin to align to your life's purpose. When we're busy living lives based on the expectation of others, it is unlikely that we will realize that purpose.

Each of us carries within our spiritual DNA a unique contribution to the world. When you see the world through Open Eye Meditation, the world around you starts to respond, bringing to your door the people, the experiences, the facilities you need to do your life's work.

Your life's work doesn't have to be huge and visible. When you start to align more and more to your life's purpose, you may be surprised at how uncomplicated it is.

Beyond lonliness and isolation

The other thing that Open Eye Meditation does, is removing the barriers between you and the rest of the world. When you practise with your eyes open, and are able to hold that state throughout the day more and more, you stop feeling disconnected and unrelated to others. Strangers transform into brothers, even enemies become friends.

You will start to understand that people behave badly because they are disconnected from and lost to their own origin of peace and power. This understanding enables you to be more compassionate, tolerant and kind, not only with others, but with yourself too.
Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.
Enlightenment is only one thing, and life is so much more than enlightenment. Don't forget to live while becoming illuminated.