Technique 1: Space

Select a quiet, comfortable place to sit down where you will not be disturbed. Sit in a comfortable position and pick two objects to concentrate upon. Pick an object to the left of you and pick another object to the right of you. Close your eyes and stay aware of both objects. Concentrate upon the awareness of them. Once you can do this without distraction of your mind, you can begin to be aware of the field of view in front of you, but not at the expense of losing focus on the left and right object. After this, turn around, focus on this view and close your eyes. If all goes well, you will start to have a 360 degree picture in your mind.

Technique 2: Time

Meditation can bring us back to the moment. Living in the world in which we live, focusing on past experiences or anticipating future events does not really leave me feeling calm or relaxed. It is only in the present moment that peace is found. One sure way to get into that moment is by practicing Open Eye Meditation. Meditation is about letting go the negativity and positivity. Sit down in a comfortable position and tell yourself you will think of Nothing. Probably the mind will starts racing around. Observe this and bring it back to your Present, the moment of Nothing. The aim is to empty the mind of thought in a foccused way.

Technique 3: Advanced

While Open Eye meditation offers the practitioner a definite reduction in stress, and increase in relaxation and inner harmony, in truth these are side effects of the practice. The real aim is to realign you with your essential, core self, your spiritual self. When you rest in your own true nature, you feel what it feels like to be eternal. This realisation makes you deeply secure. When you are centred, the pressure to perform is reduced because you know without question, your own value. This secure feeling enables you to simply relax into life. You learn to trust yourself more and more, and you experience a growing sense of your own power. You don't have to defend yourself and you don't have to prove anything to anyone. This brings the Focus of Control back to you.

Focus your eyes on a static point in your Space. An image of light is often a helpful one. Relax your body by slowly and deeply breathing. Become aware of your external world. Notice the sounds, the wind upon your skin, the smell of incencs. Now, turn your awareness to your internal world and ask yourself: "what am I thinking?" or "what am I feeling?". Accept the answers and do not try to change, fix, or control anything. Simply accept whatever you are thinking and whatever you are feeling. If you accept your thoughts and your feelings, then the question emerges "who am I?". Tell yourself that you are the observer or the witness of your life.